The Shifters refers to a body in motion through drawings and installations that incorporate cut out shapes, which are then positioned in different spaces. These cut outs are constantly dislocated from their background supports and compelled to renegotiate their existence in new environments. Formally, they exist in a place between painting, sculpture and drawing, and teeter between near recognition as abstract bodies and performing different gestures—by either sitting, standing or leaning.

The cut outs set out to intentionally destabilize the relationship between figure and ground and thereby prevent a simplistic and patronizing cultural stereotyping of the work. Covering or leaving their surfaces blank and paying more attention to the act these figures are caught in keeps them in a state of ‘becoming’ – leaning, crouching or slouching against the external supports against which they are propped up, and upon which they depend. This further complicates any singular interpretation of the work, as each setting changes their context, dependent on their backdrops.

Primarily, I am interested in this sequential quality in the work as there is always the potential for movement as The Shifters are never fixed to a particular location, but, rather, articulate the different temporal registers of the drawn line in space.