Collages on paper

The collages are a nexus between my photography, drawing and painting. They act as a mapping of space, time and memory, encompassing different concepts. Sometimes I feel like a positioner of elements, deconstructing visual cues into puzzle pieces, only to rebuild them into something new – at times playful, at others, wistful and insecure. I grapple with how things can fluctuate and change. In my collages I play with dimensions, they are a way for me to make sense of certain ideas, or explore nostalgia for things and places that used to be, or may never have even existed. Sometimes I photograph architectural structures, for I find that the colours, pipes and even trees can become veins, reflecting living beings. At other times I like to play with perspective, reversing the roles of the horizontal and vertical. I strip the source photography of their frames of reference in order to reappropriate them, a mental snapshot, sometimes to recreate something that has already passed, at other times to make something new that could have been.

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