My work is lodged at a crossroads between multiple polarities. It is at once a painting, a drawing and a collage; it s also an embroidery and a sculpture. By combining all of these elements, images overlap with one another to create strange, new hybrids. My work is also informed primarily by the materiality and physicality of the making process. Existing in a state of transit, these works inhabit a space of movement and change. They reflect upon displacement and identity as a way to render them abstract from their loaded histories. I explore states of being and non-being and the re-contextualisation of movement and the body.


Many of my works have featured in various exhibitions worldwide, both in public and private collections. You can view a selection of works and installations on my site here.

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Collages On Paper
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Collages on Wood
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Stay Safe
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Safely Standing

Becoming Landscape Artist in Residence at Krinzinger Projekte in Vienna May – June 2017.  The outcome of the residency will be an exhibition of the works made there. Read more here: krinzinger projekte:

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