Looking for a Piece of Earth

Looking for a piece of earth is a search for a place to contemplate the many durations that are present in the process of making. This, for me, has always been about a kind of journey, a travelling. In such a process, the act of looking is powered by the very act of wondering. These figures too are caught in a state of movement; they were made on site, cut up and made wet to mould themselves to fit the shape of the rock. The location rises upwards in jagged, slanting rocks, and I chose it because of the way the sea hit it, the way the tide moved onto it and spilled over it. It was a place these drifters could arrive at, float to, and is a narrative between the body and the landscape. Bodies spat out of my mind like bodies spat out of the sea onto the rock, here at the riva is the aftermath of a disaster, leaving these shapes abandoned.

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