My work is at once a painting, a drawing and a collage; it is also an embroidery and a sculpture.   Because it is all of these things a place between many polarities emerges. In evading identification my work appears to arise out of identity itself, and the more I try to escape categorisation the more I find myself bound within it.

I have developed a way of working informed by the physicality and materiality of the making process to deconstruct, evade and erase constructions of formulated identities.  I question categorisation and often play with terms and the naming of things to generate a new narrative for an object and render it abstract from its loaded history.

The formal pursuit to elude and subvert the diminishments of discrete identifications illicits a work of perpetual displacements.  Everything has its place, but the inexhaustible drive remains towards articulating the possibility of a kaleidoscopic shifting.